Is it fine to write a report using present tense? For example if a report is about an experiment that has already been carried out.

For example:
1) The setup consists of three components related to.....
2) The gathered data shows increasing dependency on parameter....
3) Measurements are collected at four different points...
4) The samples possess better statistical properties than the ones measured by the other group of researchers.
I would suggest the past tense if the experiment has already been carried out.

Thank you for your feedback. Is it fine to write

The gathered data shows increasing dependency on parameter....

because it is factual. Or I still have to use past tense for that too.
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In your summary of the entire report, I think you can use the present tense, because it is still a "truth" but you could use the past as well.
Hi there,

I read some minutes writers use present prefect to refer the things done instead of past tense. So what is the appropriate tense should we use for minutes.

Hi Anon,

Next time you have a question on a new topic, please start a new thread, okay?

I googled guide writing minutes and got a number of hits.

This is from this: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/principles_and_concepts_of_writing_minutes - minutes are always written in the past tense and should be clear and concise

And in this http://pzen.northwest.net/index.php?main_page=page_44 the sample format is in the past.
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Hello again,

In the same report, if I were to explain the behavior of graphs where the data to plot them comes from an experiment carried out in the past, should I use past tense as well? or should I use present tense?

For example,

1) Graph 1 shows the distribution was more dispersed as the parameter 1 increased.
2) The effect was the most prominent on approach (a).
Your 1) reads exactly as I would expect. This graphs shows (present) what happened (past).