What is the difference between repository and depository?
depository - a place where something is stored, sure, but it is rooted in the word depose, so the depositor is giving it over. What is returned is something that is contractually equivalent to what was deposited... deposit a $100 bill, get a $100 back, but probably not that exact same $100 bill or it could 5 x $20's, 10 x$10's, etc... In the case of a run on the bank, you may not get it back at all... again it is the contractual agreement that determine liability of the depository.

repository - a place where something is stored, but generally that exact item or likeness (in the digital world) is returned. A warehouse is a repository. In the case where the warehouse burns down, the caretaker of the reposited items is on the hook for the value of the items.


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Please would you at least try to understand the meaning of these words by looking them up in the dictionary before posting?
Here is a link to the dictionary that I use. I find it very good and it is free.
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Thanks for the dictionary link. Very helpful. Here's what it says:
depository — a place for storing things
repository — a place where things are stored

Now, does anyone know the difference between a depository and a repository?

Without looking at a dictionary, here's my feeling for these words.

depository - a place where things are stored when not in use

repository - a place where things are kept

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Clive's got it.
The difference is that the first word starts with 'd', whereas the second word starts with 'r'.

Seriously though, they are nearly identical in meaning.

However, depository sounds more like a place where storage is meant to be for a long period of time, left untouched.

Repositories are meant to be a temporary storage area.

"Take the fossils out of the repository, and put them back when you are done."
I like this definition--doesn't make it correct but I like it.
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reposit: to put back; replace.
deposit: to place for safekeeping
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