Hello Sir,

I have joined the university of Louisville for my masters. I need to meet some professors and talk to them about their research projects. Before that I need to take an appointment. I dont know how to present myself and ask them about our meeting. Can you please help me with this as early as possible?


I would talk to your supervising professor and see if there is a protocol that they like to follow. If it were me, I would just send an e-mail and meet with them. But they might have some process they follow for new students?

So if it were me, I would do something like....

Dear Professor Knowledge,

My name is Ramya and I beginning my master's program at Louisville. I am studying quantum mechanics and am interested in discussing your research project. I would like to meet with you for about an hour sometime during the next week. I am available to meet at almost any time, so please let me know when you are available. If I don't hear from your soon, I will call and make an appointment with your secretary.


I would walk by their office too. Often professors post times on their doors as to when they are available. Simply book a time and come to meet him. Or you might even see the prof in his office. Introduce yourself and ask when would be an appropriate time to meet for an hour. In other words, make yourself visible and known.

Some people might like to provide a bit of background about themselves in their e-mail. Others prefer to be very brief and talk to the prof in person. There is no right or wrong.

Again, I encourage you to talk with your supervising prof. He can provide some guidance. He can even tell you which profs might be hard to reach or difficult to communicate with. He will let you know if a simple e-mail is okay or whether there is a better method.

In summary, try the following...

1) talk to your supervising prof
2) make yourself visible and known and visit their offices
3) send a quick e-mail

Good luck...
Oh! It would be a great help for me. Thanks a lot. I am using your website for the first time and I am impressed with your quick reply. I want to keep in touch with your site.