Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly find the below darfat for your review and corrections.

Looking forward to your favorable support.

Thank you in advance.


Dear Sir,

With due respect I am writing to inform you that, as earlier as declared by UAE government the Martyr’s day and National Day holidays will be fall on 1st , 2nd& 3rd Dec; Keeping on it in mind my family have fixed engagement ceremony of my both daughters and they need must my presence. So I buy an Air ticket to travel to my family in India to join the ceremony. Unfortunately, the holidays has been revised now and if I will go for cancellation of the Air Ticket, the deduction amount will be more than 50%.

I therefore humbly request you kindly grant one day (01/12/2019) combined leave together with weekend and holidays, I would be highly pleased for your concern and the level of understanding related to this auspicious ceremony.

Heartily gratitude in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

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