Hi guys,

I have always been confusing with formal and informal email. There's a situation I met. I wrote to a customer an email:
"Hope you can confirm if the following ... are OK".....

Then I was corrected to not use the word "hope" in business email, instead I must use "Please......"

The problem is the language in my mind has trouble choosing the right word and communication way academically.

Please give me advice if you have experienced this? is there a way to check if the word I use academic enough or suggest me the right way to communicate about something professionally & academically. (maybe a book I should read?)

Thank you very much,


It is OK to use "hope" in a business email, but only in certain ways.

I hope you were satisfied with our solution to your problem. If not, please...

Do not use "hope" in a polite request. Use "please."

Please confirm that these delivery dates are acceptable.