I am newbie to this English Forum.

As a matter of fact I was looking for some expert like you who could assist me in drafting a letter. This letter i wish to send to my HR of the previous company which i have been working for.

Here is a brief description of my " story".

I have been working for past firm on for a short term contract.Eventually i had to look for another job after end of my contract and it was this company who guided me to get a job n present firm.Here what i understand is that ther isnt any career growth.And to my interest i came to know that my previous company has some new projects in hand and are looking for people.

In this case i would like to write a letter to hr (not much formal) .

Please could you please help me with this and do the needful at the earliest.

It has been a pleasure viewing your messages on board.

Waiting for your assistance and reply..



We don't write letters for you on this forum, but if you write your letter we will help you with its English. We have a whole section for letter writing - have you seen it? You can get some good ideas and advice there.
Plz help me to write letter for giving permision of a vacation leave onbehalf of a company to a manager