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How to write a letter to my boss regarding to get a loan for daughter's marriage
Please help me to write a letter to my boss regarding to get a loan to repay my due amounts in bank. Below is my letter, please help me to express my request more clear. Respected Sir, I would like to bring your kind attention to the followiing few lines for sympathetic consideration. With all due respect, I am requesting your good offiice a sum of SR. 20000.00 (Twenty Thousand) as loan to solve a very urgent financial commitment with a bank in India regarding to pay back of my house loan, that already due many months. Kindly consider this subject as early as possible, so it can solve my current financial burden with bank. I will be so grateful for your kind consideration and positive action.
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How to write a request letter to institution for applying home loan?
HI help me write a formal request for a loan for my medical bills

"With all due respect, I would ask if I am able to apply for a loan from our company?"


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