Dear All,

Following letter for my friend, who is working as a developer in our department. He has been selected by a reputed company and holds their offer letter. He had a meeting with the GM, and promised a salary hike, but no standing instruction given to accountant for the salary hike, and without this, the accounts department will not apply the hike. With this letter he wish to request the GM for a salary hike offered by the other company effective from February salary.



Dear Sir,

This has reference to the discussion we had regarding the employment offer I have from ACC. I thought to have another meeting with you to discuss the subject in detail. Unfortunately ever since we met, I wasn’t able to meet you. Since these days I engaged a lot on site visits I have no hope in meeting you soon.

Attached herewith the offer letter I received from XXX, despite the fact that the financial package is lucrative I was more concerned on the work platform. It would be a dream for any developer at my level to work in Oracle Finance Systems. They are ready to furnish new visa as well.

Nevertheless, following the meeting we had, I decided to stick with YYYY and to do my level best to keep my promise to you. When I check with Mr. Mohammed, came to know that no instruction has given to him about my salary hike. Appreciate you to consider this as my request for a salary hike of what I have been promised from ACC and please instruct Mr. Mohammed to get the increase affective from February 06 salary onwards.


Salary hike from existing employer

Dear Sir,

I have being associated with x y z Ltd. since 01.01.2009.

(tasks / projects / assignment history)

Initially, I started with a role as of Java developer, took up tasks like x y z online payment, Push SMS application for various functionality of ... and recently I have been working on .... Bill related request and complains.
Simultaneously I moved to work on ... and .... during implementation project,

(recent / present tasks)
Recently I was also involved in IT consultancy project.
All the regular requests and maintenance are carried out effectively by me and the team members within the team.

(other skill n management point)
In addition to these contributions, I have greatly improved my technical knowledge, managerial aspect and other skills critical to my work.

(self evaluation aspect)
Based on the feedback that I have received and on self evaluation with the roles and responsibility of similar nature, I feel the compensation part (salary) should be reviewed and revised.

(appreciation and acknowledging)
I would like reiterate that x y z as an organization and your guidance have provided me a platform where in I have gained immense practical knowledge, analytic and managerial skill while performing my ever growing roles and responsibility over the period of time.

I request you consider my request. Awaiting your response.


thank you
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