Hello. I would like to write a proposal to a few companies asking for sponsorship for my two daughters. The girls are members of our local Race Against Drugs Program. I honestly have no clue as to how to do so or what I should say. I have searched the internet and the local library and can not quite find what I need. I know that the way I have been doing the resumes in recent years have not been right as I have not acclomplished my goals of finding sponsors. If the girls are to continue in the program, we must find sponsors.

Thank you.

There are various sponsorship letters in this forum. Hunt around and see what you can. You might try going back through to June or so. Our search function doesn't necessarily pick up all the relevant stuff.

We don't write letters here; we only help you with your written stuff. Please see the top post in this section.


How do I begin my letter for sponsorship involving youth 18 + who intend meeting once monthly learning genealogy and history of place of birth ?
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Please read MountainHiker's post immediately above yours.
i need to know how to write a sponsorship proposal letter to a corporate company to inves in money in an event.