Can you please post a sample of request letter in getting an appointment from Italian Embassy? Please help me with this...or just a draft so that I know where to start my letter. When I called the embassy they said that I can get an appointment thru mail so I have to make a request letter. Thank you in advance
The problem is that such samples do not exist, and the content depends solely on what the embassy demands. I will correct your English, but there is no guarantee that the letter is adequate to what the embassy wants.

To whom it may concern:

My name is Dominic Suzon. I am married and 29 years old. I reside at H-147 Asquino Avenue, Poblacion San Pascual, Batangas.

I am writing to request an appointment my ricongiunmento familiare (I cannot translate this phrase; I think it is misspelt) . My wife, Jona Manalo, is presently working in Italy, and I would like to join her and work there also.

I hope that you will give my application consideration, and I am looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you very much.

Respecfully yours,

Dominic Suzon

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To whom it my concern

Im Dominic suzon,married 29years old.Residence at H-147 ASquino Avenue,Poblacion San Pascual,Batangas.

I wrote a letter asking an appointment my ricongiunmento familiare.my wife Jona Manalo presently working in italia.She wants me to go there to work.I im willing to work in italy.coz some others says its a big break to have a good life.Im just hopin you will give me a consideration about what im asking.Thank you very much.

Respecfully Yours

Mr.Domonic Suzon
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AnonymousCan you please post a sample of request letter in getting an appointment from American ambassy in congo

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