I need to write a letter to my Manager regarding Vacation pay.

I was working with the company on Visit Visa and after my Visa Expired my company provided me Visa and i came back to the company after going to my country. In the next month my one year will be completed in the company and from the company i have one month paid vacation. As i have already taken vacation when company provided me visa, i went and came back. Now i just want to ask my manager that i have vacation next month but i have taken it before and i did not get my vacation pay still.

Please tell me how to write this. Give me a sample asking this.

Just write as if you were speaking to him/her/them.
Please read the [url=http://www.englishforums.com/English/FormalGeneralBusinessLetterWriting-EnglishLanguage/Forum5.htm ] ANNOUNCEMENTS AND FAQS[/url], and if you post your draft letter here, we will check it for you.

I doubt it.

How can you be on vacation if you are on sick leave?

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Can i request for vacation payment if i am on sick leave ?
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