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kindly check and give your feedback/inputs for the following Request / Requirement letter to office (Request / Requirement for a office computer / laptop).

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Subject: “Request / Requirement for a office computer / laptop.“

Respected Sir/Madam,

An up-to-date computer/laptop is a requirement for my work as an _________Profession name in ________ Office name. The current projects did and do have an intensive use of _____ &_______ programs/ software, which require high computing power and have computer parts that can weigh heavy, that renders to effective work output.

The personal laptop that I have been using for office work, has recently suffered water damages with the rains (date, month, place), for which I have incurred a heavy amount for its repairs. Currently the computer is damaged and the repair works shall consume time, due to which it would be difficult to operate. Earlier, in the month of _____ & _____, I had put forth the above mentioned request, as the personal laptop along with the backpack and computer accessories weighs - ____ kg + ____ kgs =_____ kgs (approx), which has been difficult for me
to carry and travel in public transport and trains, causing back aches and timely delays to office, as I would have to let go of a crowded train, because it was highly impossible to board one with all that weight. It was truly a risk I couldn't not have avoided. The request, then was was turned down and was advised to work on my personal laptop itself. Post that I have been adjusting to these situations to make ends meet at work.

An up-to-date office computer/laptop will eliminate bottlenecks, unavoidable situations/travel issues and allow me or team members of _____________office name to use ___________ &________ software that will bring true benefit to our operations. The data of office name could also be organized systematically, which currently isn't. This would be a good effective investment for the company.

Unavoidable but important issue is a concern and my output highly relies on it. Hope I have been able to explain to best of my ability. Please let me know how soon could this matter be resolved. If possible, I hope to begin operating to the earliest. Please do not hesitate to contact me for the same. I am grateful for your attention in this matter.


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Profession Name,
Firm Name, Place.


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