Hi everyone,

I have drafted a request sponsorship letter for my company annual dinner this year and would like you to seek your opinion for my sponsorship letter.

Appreciate if can help to make this letter more presentable.

Thank you very much!!


Person’s name

Company name and address

Request for Sponsorship – "Company Name" Annual Dinner 2011

Dear XXX,

Thank you for all the support rendered to us. In this year of gradual economic recovery, we appreciate greatly to have trusted business partners like you helping us out tremendously.

We believe this Year is coming to a good ending. It is time again for our recreation team to plan and organise the Company Annual Dinner in mid December 2011. Similar to previous years, we would like to invite your non-obligatory voluntary sponsorship to help us make our annual dinner a more memorable and eventful one. The sponsorship received will be used as prizes for our staff lucky draw segment.

Your form of sponsorship should preferably be gift vouchers or items. Please do not feel obliged to accommodate to our request should it not be appropriate. Our good relation stays strong even in the absence of a sponsorship. We shall only accept contributions that are deemed appropriate for your organisation to offer.

Once again, let me represent our company to extend our most heartfelt appreciation in advance, as we look forward to receive any of your generous contributions. We would prefer for your sponsorship to reach us before "date", so that we have enough time to arrange the prizes.

Should you have any queries in this matter, please contact XXX at DID: XXX, or XXX at DID: XXX for further assistance.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


Commitee of Recretion Club of XXX

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