I need assistance in formatting a business letter, requesting change of the workplace they offered me. I'd very glad if you could help me with a sample letter to serve this purpose.

I'm currently offered a position at place A, and I want them to offer the same, at place B instead. I need to write the HR a convincing letter to consider my request. Any help in this regard is appreciated.

Please begin by writing as if you were speaking to them. Post your effort here and we will review it for you.
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Many thanks for the quick response.

Dear A and B, (I have the HR names)

I'm <name>, final year graduate student from <college>. I'm currently offered position of <profile name> at B.

This mail is regarding my request for change of the workplace. At first I was offered <profile name> profile based in A, which I think was only a tentavive location. Few days ago I received an email confirming the job location as B. I'm writing this mail because of personal reasons. My mother who is currently divorced and single, needs my assistance as my only sister is currently staying abroad. I hope you understand the situation and take this request up to the concerned personnel.

Hoping for your consideration and waiting anxiously for the response.

Sincere regards,


The main reason I want the workplace change is mentioned in the letter. I'm not confident as in how convincingly I was able to put it to them though. Thanks in advance for any help.
Dear Mr A and Ms B,

ABC Company has kindly offered me the position of <profile name> at B, and this mail is an urgent request for a change of workplace. Initially, I was offered <profile name> profile based in A, which I think was indeed only a tentative location. However, a few days ago I received your email confirming the job location as B.

I am very eager to accept a position with ABC Company, but I am making this unusual request for a personal reason: my mother is divorced and needs my assistance, as my only sister now lives abroad, so it is very difficult for me to relocate at this time. I hope you can take into consideration my situation and find it possible to assign me to A instead.

I am extremely grateful for your time and trouble in reviewing this condition of your offer, and I am waiting anxiously for your response.

Sincere regards,


The main reason I want the workplace change is mentioned in the letter. I'm not confident as in how convincingly I was able to put it to them though.-- This is an unusual decision for the company to face. Although I think your letter as amended is as innocently convincing as can be devised, don't be surprised if they cannot accede to your request.
Many thanks sir. Did my part with your help, hopefully company considers it.

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Hello ma’am,
Trust you are doing good!
This mail is in regards to my preference for Mumbai Location.
My mother and father have a medical condition for two years now and under which a nurse has been assigned to visit our residence and administer their health and their respective drugs.
Ever since the medical condition, my sister has been taking care of the daily chores and my parents health. However, she recently got married and since then I have been looking after my parents. Now that I’m here in Noida, the scenario has been handled by a relative and the nurse who visits the residence fortnightly.
Since it was the need of the family, they have proposed on getting me married so that my wife and I can look after their well being. My marriage is proposed to be in coming 8 months. However, the location being Noida is a concern for my in laws and it’s not suited fit for them. Therefore, if I am shortlisted for Noida as the location, my marriage will be at stake.

Request you to acknowledge my aforementioned concerns and would appreciate if you could allocate me to a project in Mumbai location.



(This looks rough to and not very impactful. Please help to narrate the entire story more effectively.)

Dear Sir:

I have been offered a job as an IT GS 07 position in Austin, Texas but I prefer to have the same position in Houston, Tx. I prefer this IT position in Houston, Texas because this is where my residence and family is located. The Houston location assist in with providing help for family members with medical concerns throughout the week and weekends. The Houston location will allow to pursue employment and assist family in need of medical issues. This location is less financial challenging for my family. I thank you in advance for handling this request.

Respectfully yours,


It was of great help to me. I hope it will work in my favour.

thank you so much.

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