I am at the last year of the grammar school in The Netherlands. I have to do a research about a subject. My subject is about the British education system and the Dutch education system. I am going to compare these two systems with each other, but for my research I have to contact with students from British countries to talk about their experiences.

Is there anyone who would like to share his/her experiences?
Hi Rabiia and welcome to Englishforums.

I am sure this webpage would be of great help in fuilfiiling your research.

But it is better to post your questions about the above mentioned educational system here so everyone can look and answer it.

You can make a questionare to achieve such purpose.

Do you mean the forums with 'here'? Where do I have to post my question? There are a lot of options under the heading 'Forums'. I don't know how this site works..
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Yes, I mean the forums by saying here.

You have to post it in discussion section.

Don't worry, if you type in the wrong section, the moderators will move it to the right section.That applies to the time you don't know where to post.

I am looking forward to having your questionare here.

i've posted my question in discussion section.

thank you very muchh!! Emotion: smile