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Our study will investigate the importance of PR knowledge to PR Practitioners from the students’ perspective. Qualitative approach will be used, as we need to explore students’ intentions, motivations and subjective experience (Daymon and Holloway, 2002).

Recently published article on the career pages of The Princeton Review (USA) proclaims that PR degree is not necessary for PR profession and indirectly states that having a general knowledge is satisfactory. As a result, hot discussion has emerged on the internet between PR professionals.

With regards to the debate, we decided to bring deeper insight into patterns of PR understanding and highlight the problems of PR identity from the students’ point of view.

In our research we will also examine Weisgerber (2007) hypothesis “PR is just a skill and there is no theory behind it”

Practical value of the research will be answers to questions: what are students’ views on the importance of PR knowledge, motivation to study PR, career expectation.

We propose two stages of investigation: semi-structured personal interviews and questionnaire survey.

Semi-structured interview allows us a greater depth of enquiry and response level. Questionnaire survey will complement the findings of qualitative method. Study will reflect experience of participants.

I would not use the italics, and make practioners lower case.

You seem to have some problems with artciles. A qualitative approach, A recently published article, a PR degree, the PR profession, etc.

I think you need to cite the date of the Princeton review article.

You need to be more clear about what questions you will answer - I don't understand them.


By the way, I am a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, and there were some VERY angry people after that article appeared.
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