Hi, I've just joined this forum to do some research on TEFL. I am looking into taking it up and really need to talk to 'those that did do/are doing' it.
I can (and have ) read so much bumph from all the web sites offering courses and special deals that I'm now on info overload, and felt it best to get on the forums. So here I am.
Im not ex-uni, I'm 53 and travelling around on my boat and want another income stream for wherever I go. TEFL would suit me perfick.
I'm hoping for some genuine pointers.........all suggestions welcome.
Hello Bill,
I can understand how you feel.
I was a faculty myself in one of the leading Institutes in India, and I felt that
the students were not being given what they came for. (my hands were tied, cause we had to follow the curriculum)
So I decided to open my own Academy and have a Basic Course (besides the Intermediate and Advance)
That caters to people who absolutely need help from ABC... No Center provides this!!.
So if you are in India (Chennai) Maybe we can meet and I can help you out.

You can come to our Institute as visiting faculty.... What say you??

Don't want to be a spoil-sport, but what kind of 'institute' would invite 'visiting faculty' who just happens to be some guy sailing around and who needs to supplement his income and sees 'teaching' as a pleasant and clean option? It's true that there is a lot of inflated nonsense written about teaching but you can't teach seriously until you have studied the basics of theory and have clear ideas about how to put things into practice. On the other hand there are loads of totally unprofessional 'schools' and loads of 'teachers' who despite honourable intentions can't tell their articles from their elbows. Just because you know the language doesn't mean you can teach it, in the same way that just because you have legs it doesn't make you a dancer. The thing is, do we want to encourage this happy-go-lucky approach?
I forgot to sign in by the way. Pelissier.
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Hey!! Pelissier,

Just because I offer to help out someone....Doesnt mean theres's spmething wrong with My
Institue or my teaching...... Thanks for the concern tho.... But still....

You have to know the difference between teaching English as a Subject... and Teaching Spoken English

You have to have a passion for Teaching as well as training...Which by the way I have both.......

Life is all about Happy-go-Lucky.....We can do without those stiff up lips..... believe me..

I am where I am today.... is becasue someone gave me a chance.....

And I am not stupid enough to let someone teach without meeting or interviewing that person..

But thanks for the concern thoug and try to look at life in a lighter vein...

God works in mysterious ways....

Emotion: smile
Elvina: I am writing to you because I have taught ESL for over 15 years without the certificate and am now completing the requirements for a TEFL course and am considering applying to teach where instructors follow your philosophy of teaching; I am from a medical background and will be traveling soon to Africa to help nurses learn English, at least enough to be able to use English materials to provide basic public health services where they are critically needed. Thanks for reading this and I am indebted to you for going on your own to provide help for unmet needs. Dr. Mary Hunt [ We do not allow contact information in our posts - Moderator ]