Hello everyone
I want to know which of the following sentences are right ?

i. I want to resistance against him. or, I want to resistance to him ?
I'm of the opinion (against) should be right , am I right ?

ii. They want to resistance against / to the enemy.
Resistance is a noun.
eg Resistance against/to Darth Vader is futile.

Resist is a verb.
eg He resisted Darth Vader.
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I want to resistance against him.

Anonymousto resistance

You're trying to make an infinitive out of a noun. It can't be done.

AnonymousI want to resistance against him.

I want to resist him.


Resistance is a noun ,dear.

You cannot resistance to/ against someone.

You can resist to / against someone/something.

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Can you think of an example where you resist to someone/something? I can't.

I resist to give in.
anonymous I resist to give in.

Not grammatical.


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