dear all:
I had read a news page at yahoo site , the title is"
Japan hoes resolve jenkins quickly" ,has a sentence "
Threr is no problem which can't be resolved throgh dialogue "
I want to ask "resolve" whether replace by solve.

Hi, Jeter.

Yes, in that situation you could use "solve", but "resolve" sounds better. Generally, when it comes to problems, people use "solve" when it's a problem that doesn't involve a disagreement with another person. For example, if I was locked out of my house because I didn't have my keys, I would work to find a way to solve the problem by finding a way to get into my house.

Usually the word "resolve" is used with problems that involve other people and disagreements. If there is a misunderstanding or a difference of opinion as far as how something should be done or whether or not something should be done, people work together to "resolve" the issue.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for that clear explanation. I've been wondering about the difference between solve and resolve for a long time. Great to find this post!
Gr8 ! Explanation .

the title is"Japan hoes resolve jenkins quickly"

If this is really the way the title is written, it's very poor English.

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Maybe jeter's ability to transcribe English text has improved in the nearly seven years since then!

thanks, the above revert is very convincing Emotion: embarrassed