I have found information that may be valuable for all English language learners. I am a former English as a Foreign Language teacher. I have done a thorough research on the most effective methods and aids (audio, video, websites, books, etc.) for learning various aspects of English. Below are the most important findings.


1. E-book: Everyday Survival Kit for English Learners (over 100 situational conversations, lots of conversation tips and advice!) - www.englishsurvivalkit.com
2. Learning English Made Simple (book by Sheila Henderson).
3. English for New Americans (3 books, audio, video by Living Language).
4. English for the Real World (3 CDs and a course book, for intermediate level).
5. How to Survive in the USA (book and audio by Nancy Church, Anne Moss).
6. Speak English Like an American (book by Amy Gillett).
7. Getting Ahead in the USA (by Living Language Co., book+audio, for advanced level).
8. Fluent English (by Living Language Co., book+audio, for advanced level).
9. Everyday Dialogues in English (book by Robert J. Dixson).
10. Practical Everyday English (book+audio by Steven Collins, UK, advanced level).
More Practical Everyday English (book+audio by Steven Collins, UK, advanced level).
11. www.iteslj.org; www.esldiscussions.com (both sites contain an extensive list of questions on a multitude of topics).
12. Conversation & Dialogues in Action (book by Zoltan Dornyei and Sarah Thurrell, Longman, UK, 1992, 276 pages).
13. Everyday English (4 books by Barbara Zaffran).
14. Colloquial English (book by Gareth King, UK).
15. Mastering Advanced English Language (book by Sara Thorne, UK, 2008, 656 pages).
16. Improve Your English: English in Everyday Life (book by Stephen Brown, USA).
17. Talk Time (3 books).
18. Talk to Me: The Conversation Method.
19. EuroTalk Complete English (5 CD-ROM discs).
20. Cambridge English Skills Real Listening and Speaking (4 books, UK).
21. Listen and Speak: Situational English (book by Paul Hancock).
22. Speak to Me ESL.

THEMATIC GENERAL ENGLISH DICTIONARIES (extremely important for logical and quicker vocabulary acquisition):

1. Longman Language Activator (Unique idea production English dictionary, very valuable for solid vocabulary acquisition).
There is also Longman Pocket Activator Dictionary. Longman English dictionaries are the most authoritative.
2. Longman Lexicon of Contemporary English.
3. The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary (by J. Pheby, 1995, 816 pages).
4. Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary.
5. Word Menu (dictionary by Stephen Glazier, Random House, USA, over 75 000 words arranged by subject matter).
6. Cambridge Word Selector/Routes.
7. NTC's Dictionary of Everyday American English Expressions (over 7, 000 phrases arranged by topics).


* talkenglish.com
* speak-english-today.com
* better-english.com
* iteslj.org/questions
* esldiscussions.com
* dailyesl.com
* Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Activities
* E. L. Easton
* Email Removed
* eslflow.com
* eslpartyland.com
* eslpoint.com
* focusenglish.com
* Free Online Conversations (from Ompersonal Multimedia English)
* Homework Topics (from Multnomah County Library)
* englishtips.org
* englishsurvivalkit.com
* englishskills.com
* compellingconversations.com
* eslgold.net
* learnenglishadvanced.com
* speakenglish.co.uk
* englishconversations.org
* bbclearningenglish.com
* englishspeak.com
* speak-fluent-english.com
* rong-chang.com
* real-english.com
* esl-lab.com
* audioenglish.net
* eslall.com
* englishdaily626.com
* dailyenglishaudio.com
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Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful informations with us and yes surely these links will be help ful for english learners.
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Now a days learning English has become very easy. One need not attend costly English classes or purchase course material like tapes and books. Now you can learn English for free from the comfort of your home using the Internet. The BBC and the British Council offer a number of on line courses, which teach written and spoken English. You can also improve your English by watching television programs and reading English newspapers.
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