Dear all

I'm a student in Sydney Australia,i'm Thai i got the notice of intention to consider cancellation visa from immigration because of my course attendance not achieving satisfactory and i have to written the response letter to explain why i think the ground for cancellation does notexist and why my visa should not be cancelled,

I didn't attend the class for two weeks the reason because of I had unplan pregnancy and i decide to do the termination of pregnancy and the second reason is i pooceed to change the collage with my agency both reasons i have document to support but i have no idea how to write the letter how

to explain my emotion befor i did the termeination,

please help me!!
I assume you have a grammar book that tells you how to organize a letter. Where to put the date and how to address it, so I will skip that part. Let me offer some suggestions about what to put in the letter itself. You do not have to use my words. I just want you to have an idea of what to say.

First, tell them why you are writing. "I have received notice that you wish to cancel my visa on the grounds that my course attendance is not satisfactory."

Then, tell them what you want them to do. "I am writing to ask that you do not cancel my visa."

Then explain why not.

"I was unable to attend class for two weeks because of the termination of my unplanned pregnancy. The emotional shock and the physical trauma of the procedure left me temporarily unable to lead a normal life."

Then explain that you are currently able to meet the visa requirements. "I have now returned to class and expect to continue my studies as before." Or, if I understood you correctly, you are changing colleges? So, say, "I have since then enrolled in a class at another college. I have enclosed documents to show this."

Tell them again what you want and why in a short summary sentence. "Since my absence from class was temporary and unavoidable, I hope you will not penalize me by cancelling my visa. Thank you."

I hope this helps.
Hi Anon,

Sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time. I suggest that you contact someone at your agency or a local immigration office who can advise you about what specifically needs to be included in the letter.

That said, I don't think you would need to include the details surrounding your decision to terminate the pregnancy in the letter since that is very personal information. Instead you could write: "I was unable to attend class because I was recovering from a medical procedure. I can provide documentation if needs be." For the rest of the letter I would concentrate on what your academic goals are and why you want to stay in Australia.

I hope this helps. Best of luck to you. - S.
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