Hi all,

Do you think response and answer have the same meaning and are interchangeable?

(She made no response. = She made no answer. (1) ?

to meet with a warm response. =to meet with a warm answer. (2)?

in response to the appeal = in answer to the appeal (3) ?

a poor response to the appeal for funds. =a poor answer to the appeal for funds. (4) ? )

If not, how can we distinguish them.

An answer is a group of written or spoken words in response to a question.
A response is any reaction to a stimulus. A response can be an answer, but it doesn't have to be.
Sometimes a nod of the head is a response. Sometimes raising a hand is a response.
You can respond by nodding your head. You can respond by raising your hand. Neither of these is an answer.

Responses are more general reactions than answers.

Thanks, your answer is very useful for me.

I think my use of useful is correct here.

You wrote:

A response is any reaction to a stimulus.

Could you explain me the exact meaning of stimulous?

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Yes, your use of useful is correct.

Let me ask you something. Do you have a dictionary? If you are going to study English, you should have a dictionary. I have noticed that you post words and more words and ask for meanings.
To master English you will need at least 50,000 words. This is going to take years!

Try looking up words in a dictionary first. There are many dictionaries on line if you don't have one available at home or at a library.

Try http://m-w.com .


One entry found for stimulus.
Main Entry: stim·u·lus
Pronunciation: 'stim-y&-l&s
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural stim·u·li /-"lI, -"lE/
Etymology: Latin
: something that rouses or incites to activity ... 1 c : an agent (as an environmental change) that directly influences the activity of a living organism or one of its parts (as by exciting a sensory organ or evoking muscular contraction or glandular secretion)

Quoc, I'll also give you this link one more time:

http://www.onelook.com /

And I'll also make this comment one more time:

It is important to use dictionaries and it is also important to do a lot of reading.
Both will help you understand and get a better feeling for how words are used.

Thanks Yankee and CJ for your advice. I surely have an dictionary.

All the words I have posted here have the same pronunciation in Vietnamese.(homonym case)

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AFAIK www.m-w.com is American, if you need a British one, take a look at . My favourite :)
Thanks everybody