I always find it difficult to write a perfect resume as i'm not sure what tenses should be used.

For example when you talk about your previous job responsibilities, "My duty have included

writing press release, meeting with clients. Besides, i also participated in promotional

activities." OR "My duty included writing press release, meeting with clients...."

Which sentence is better in writing resume? Or any better suggestion?

Another example, "In year 1995, my project has won the best entry for the poem

competiton." OR "My project had won" OR simply "My project won?"

Please help, thanks
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No different than ordinary writing, Joe.

If the previous job is finished, use simple past ('duties included'). 1955 is long gone, so use simple past ('project won').

Use present perfect for skills and abilities that you are (potentially)continuing to upgrade, and for current job duties, ongoing hobbies, etc. (Simple present often occurs in these latter cases also).

'I have been certified in Excel and Lotus spreadsheets' [this intimates that you may get further certifications].
Thanks for your quick reply Mister M. I'm afraid your explanations are too simple for my

understanding. If you don't mind could you please elaborate on "If the previous job is

finished, use simple past". My question is why "have included" wrong in this context

since when writing resume we tend to indicate the duration of time we held those

responsibilities. Eg:

2 Jan 2001 - 2 April 2003 : I worked in a media company. My duties have included: writing

press release, meeting with clients and preparing some paperworks.

Mister M, please note the second one is "In year 1995" not 1955. So does it mean, "had won"

can fix in the context? Please clarify the difference between, "has won" and "had won", as i

always confused the usage of "had" in a sentence.

Thanks again.
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Present perfect vs simple past has nothing to do with duration, but with time. If an action or event is definitely completed in the past (that is, it is clearly finished and there is no need to explain to the reader that it is finished), then use simple past tense: your job is finished and your duties there are finished-- therefore, use simple past: 'I worked' and 'my duties included'.

Whether the event happened in 1955 or 1995 or 1905, the winning is long ago completed: use simple past tense: 'my project won'.

That is all there is to it. The uses of present perfect ('has done') and past perfect ('had one') are beyond the range of resume discussion here. Have a look at [url="http://cctc.commnet.edu/grammar/verbs.htm#tense"]VERB TENSES[/url]
Hi Mister M,
Thanks for your reply once again. I have to admit that i have no sense of tenses at all, i

learned my english through lots of reading and listening. I don't even know the basic rules

in grammar, i use tenses which sound natural to me. I guess it's time for me to go back to


Also, thanks for recommending the website about verb tenses.
It sounds to me as if you have a very good sense of tenses, joeviee! Perhaps it's simply that CVs have a particular tone, and are rarely encountered by students of English.

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Hi MrPedantic,

Thank you for your compliments. I agree with what you said perhaps that's the reason

i've never had confidence sending out my resumes without proofreaded by someone of

better English lever than i...Emotion: smile

hi .. i have something to ask you, do you know how to make a resume? b'coz i dont know how to make a perfect resume, can you give me the best tips..
Resume writing is an art, Hardly 10 to 40 seconds a resume get to impress your recruiter, based on needs, your content, professional design, over all you can say how much it appear positive based on this you get the interview calls.

Now as you have asked about How to make a resume-
  • Start with Your name, address and contact number
  • Give objective - In this section mention which type of profile or job you are looking!
  • Give your professional details- responsibilities, time duration
  • Give your Academic summary/details
  • Personal details
  • Declaration
  • Date
  • Signature
The thing which does matter a lot - is presentation of your contents, error (grammatical and spelling). I have got a blank resume sample which you can use as your reference:http://resumesexamples.wordpress.com/2011/11/23/blank-resume-samples/
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