I am in need of advice on how to make my 2 page resume down to 1 page. I have a lot of Customer Service experience (20+years) which have been in retail, hotel/resturant and call center . I have also had experience in the areas of management within those fields. I am in need of some advice to combine all of the experiences on to one page. I am also needing direction for cover letters in varrious forms (ie newspaper ad, internet, mail, faxing) I am now just asking for assistance (yes I know I am stubborn) because I am tired of having "a job" and not a Career. Thanks in advance for you assistance and suggestions.

Very hard to get down to one page.

One option is to just briefly list your employment history (date, Company, job title only) and then have two sections and tie all the experience from your various jobs into that. For example

Key Experience
Stocktaking: I have worked on stocktaking and auditing 15 times, taking responsibility for managing the stocktake 3 times.

Key Skills
People Management: I have supervised up to 25 staff members successfully and have always achieved good feedback on my management at my annual assessments.
Hi Steve

I am pretty sure you could get your resume down to just one page. I have done it many times before.

It all depends on the position you are applying for, and what is necessary for that position.

Most people tend to load up a resume/cv with the kitchen sink which is absolutely unnessary. I advise everyone to not have a "one size fits all" resume. Lots do, but you really do need to tailor each one to fit the job. This should cause your resume to decrease in size a little. If you tailor your resume for each individual application, you will always find there is something you can "lose" to reduce space.

A few tips and tricks that I have used over the years is to take in the margins of your page. Also try switching your resume from 12pt to 11pt type - or from 11pt to 10pt. Pull in the leading / kerning on lines that only have two or three words on them.

Hope this helps.

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You certainly don't want to fill your resume with a lot of uselsss detail. However, in my experience, two pages is a normal length for a resume. It's not excessive.

Best wishes, Clive