I have a problem when updating my résumé!
I have been travelling for 5 months in Central America to learn Spanish, so now I can write spanish on it... but I wrote that my English level is Fluent, but what is the word to proper word to say medium level?

Because I understand well Spanish and speak it with the vocabulary I know... but I do not speak it as fast in English, neither do I write as easily. So what is the way to say "baby fluent" or "not fluent, but.... not bad"

Does it make sense to someone?
Thanks in advance
"Conversational"? "Improving"

e.g. "I speak conversational Spanish"

Words like "Entry 2" - or "Level 2", are a bit technical and need proper assessment, so probably best avoided - so I don't know why I even mentioned them!Emotion: indifferent
I would say intermediate. It is one of the official levels of language proficiency: (starter), beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, proficient.
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Great word, Miche - why couldn't I think of that!Emotion: sad
Thanks, Abbie, but don't be hard on yourself. It's just terminology I have happened to study.
Hmm- me too, Miche - obviously you studied harder than I did! Or maybe I just haven't had enough coffee yet.[C]
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Thank you Miche and AbbieEmotion: smile

I guess I will go for Intermediate or Upper-IntermediateEmotion: smile

Ludo, going back to his CV refreshing...