Hello, I'm trying to get a new job since my last job ended this past tuesday, and I was wondering if there is anyone who could help me with my resume, I have tried manytime to do it but it just doesn't seem to be correct.

I also need to know how to write a cover letter? I don't know exactly what it is used for or what I'm suppose to put in this cover letter.

Hi Shirelle,
a cover letter is usually a formal way of introducing yourself to the prospective employer. usually all resumes need to be accompanied by a cover letter.

i will show you below an example of a simple cover letter. u can use it as a reference for preparing your cover letter.

Hello Sir,

Sub: application for the post of manager - reg.

With reference to your advertisement published in the New York Times dated 23rd April, 2004, i feel i will be able to meet your requirements. i am hereby enclosing my resume for your kind perusal and am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity of working in an esteemed organisation like yours.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Encl: Resume


1) if you sending your resume by post, attach your cover letter first and then your resume so that people see your cover letter first.
2) if you are sending ur resume by e-mail, specify the post applied for and the date of publication of the advertisement in the "Subject" of the mail and in the body first write the covering letter with your resume below.
if u r sending your resume as attachment, write the cover letter in the body of the mail and mention below that u have attached your resume.
Hope that helps. u are welcome to seek more clarifications. i will be happy to help you
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