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Hello class let me help my colleque with a format of resumption letter, but in case you observe any mistake please do not hesitate to correct me as I am bound to do mistake in one way or the other since I am human being.

Personal Address:

Employer address:

Dear sir/ Ma

Resumption of Duty

I write with due respect to officially inform you that I have resumed duty today 12th June, 2018 following my one month of annual leave.

I apreciate all your gigantic support and kindness given to (-----) during my absence. I am now ready to pertake my official responsilities deligently.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Abbas Ibrahim


Greetings to you brethren,

after a massive consideration, the board wishes to ask you to resume your duty as a chorister. We believe during the time of dissolution the choir will come back in full strength and power to continue the good work

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As per the instructions from PD Sir we resumed our duty on site dated from 05 May 2020 . We are maintaining 33 % staff attendance on site . Below list of staff is present on site from today onwords.
My company still didn’t call me for duty so I have to ask them by email so kindly support me on this regards
I resigned from work due to envies coming from my colleges. I wish to go back to work and the hospital wants me back after investigating the cause of resignation. I wish to be guarded on how to write this letter. Thanks a lot
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Please I need a resumption later after deferment of admission due to pregnancy
park scarf 434 Please I need a resumption later after deferment of admission due to pregnancy

We do not write letters for people. We do not know your circumstances.

We will provide corrections to a draft letter that you write yourself. Put your letter in a new post. If you tack it onto an old thread, nobody will give it any attention.

I want to resume my duties after one month leave. What should I write?

today I have resumed my duties ..... is it correct?

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anonymousToday I have resumed my duties ..... is it correct?

Yes, you can use it like this:

Hi Mom;

Today I resumed my duties at the university. I am so happy to be back at work tutoring students in their math classes after the long COVID19 lockdown.