Hi all

I need a sample letter of request to rejoin the duty .I resigned to take care of my little baby , now i am in a position to resume work. can any body help me to write a letter?

thanks in advance

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Please submit a letter and we will help you with the grammar.

To whom this may concern:


Good day to you madame. This is Zara, a volunteer nurse before in your institution

requesting to resume my duty. The reason why I leave off duty last year May 2008 because

I didn't had a helper that time to take care of my 5 year old kid and just decided to drop it off also for my pregnancy then. Now that I am ready to be back please allow me to continue what i have started.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Thank you and GOD BLESS!

Respectfully Yours,

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I Sri Debabrata Mandal, resumed my duty on dated from 12th December-2011 at Regional Office, Eastern Region.Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
I resigned from the said company for some unpleasant reason. later the organisation after realizing my strenghts wanted me to join back. for such reason i just want to write a formal letter to reconsider my case and cancek my given resignation. please help me to write a letter on this
Kindly permit me to rejoin for duty on 06-03-2017
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Hi all,

Please I need a sample letter to my boss to resume duty after after a travel leave they granted for me that didn't work out again.



Could you kindly help me with a resumption letter after my leave .

Thank you in advance.

train build 504

Could you kindly help me with a resumption letter after my leave .

Thank you in advance.

If you post a draft of your letter, we can help. We cannot invent one for you because we have no idea of your situation.

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