Dear you all,

I'm wondering what's the "best" practice/spelling to refer to a c.v. :

- curriculum vitae
- resume
- résumé (with accents)

My dictionary is gives the last one for the spelling but the meaning doesn't match with the one of curriculum vitae.

Thank you for your consideration,

Hi Stefan,

Although curriculum vitae and resume are often used interchangebly, they are actually very different.

A CV is longer and more descriptive, and is used to apply for academic or research positions.
A resume is broader, and is used for most job applications.

Résumé is a French word, but because it has been absorbed into English, it is permissible to ditch the accents. The same goes for cliche, naive and attache.

This is a link you might find helpful:
[url=" "]Curriculum Vitae - What is the Difference Between a Curriculum Vitae and a Resume?[/url]
Just for the record, the "Shorter Oxford English Dictionary" gives "résumé" (accents) with this definition: "A summary, epitome".

Thank you for the link !

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Interestingly, the same dictionary gives "curriculum" but not "curriculum vitae". I'm not sure I read all of this very well, my interpretation must be badEmotion: smile

On another side, I think that one should "glue" the "a" and the "e" of "vitae" (it's a ligature) (in HTML, one uses "æ")

not unless it is plural

Curriculum = course or path
Vita = life
Curriculum Vitae = life's path (the e is, in effect, the possessive)
Curricula Vitae = plural (many documents about people's life paths)
Curriculum Vitæ = the path of your many lives (absurd)