Which one of them is/are correct?

On the return flight, I couldn't sleep.

On the returning flight, I couldn't sleep.

Thanks in advance.
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Both are 'correct'. The first is the natural choice.
Returning is an adjective in this case.

Return is also an adjective? or is it a common 'mis'usage that has become the norm?
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Dear Mistre Micawber,

What do we call a flight or the kind of ticket that has both the going way and return way?


round-trip ticket
Thank you holyduke for your time.


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How about the trip itself?

round-trip travel for example or something?

Thank you in advance.
Unless you go somewhere and doesn't come back, shouldn't one assume a trip includes returning to one's home?

I'm taking a trip to Paris. (I think everybody assumes that I will go to Paris and come back)
'Return flight' is a common phrase; there is no reason to suspect that 'return' was ever used improperly in it.

A 'round-trip ticket' ('flight' does not work, since this ticket must involve at least 2 flights) is also called a 'return ticket' by some speakers, while other speakers consider a 'return ticket' only the second half of a 'round-trip ticket'. A 'return flight' is possible: it is the flight back.
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