In December 2008, BlogTV began its Video Ad Revenue Share Program. With certain criteria to apply, such as a need of 10,000 views from all of your combined videos, $100 of ad revenue must be made to receive the product. Only certain people may be able to be a part of this program but it could result in you getting 50% of the ad revenue generated from your live show, videos and embedded shows.

I couldn't understand the bold part. What does 'product' refer to? Please help. Thanks.
I don't either. I guess 'product' refers to a share of the revenues.
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re: $100 of ad revenue must be made to receive the product

Okay, perhaps that's the right guess. But to whom should the payment of $100 be made? To the actual advertiser?
I think the idea is that when BlogTV receives a minimum of $100 in advertising fees from advertisers on your blog, they'll give you a share of it. If your blog is popular, advertisers will flock there-- that is the theory.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Micawber.
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