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it's really useful for me.
i know this mistake but i have a question how can i speak speed with the final vowel sounds
thank you dear
it's better
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chickenlittle i have a question how can i speak speed with the final vowel sounds
It is simply a matter of practice and experience, Just be aware of the problem, and as your fluency develops, so will your ability to speak both fast and clearly.
thank for your advice Emotion: big smile
Hi there,
you have one problem that I mentioned for another member earlier, and it is common among Asian learners: you do not enunciate final vowel sounds distinctly.
I think you meant final consonant sounds not final vowel counds.

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Yes, I did—thank you!
Okay, I hate this, hate my annoying voice so just try not to be too harsh on me;)
Hi Zoey,

Not annoying at all—quite pleasant, in fact—and I have no harsh comments to make. You have a very charming accent. I am an AmE speaker, and I suppose that you have learned from BrE speakers, as your vowel sounds seem (to me) to be BrE, with slight overtones of your Europe origin in such words as 'others' [a:ðɚz] ,understand [ʌndɚstɛnd], 'fine' [fa:n] and 'site' [sa:it].

I think you have no need to worry about your pronunciation.
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Hello Zoey,

I agree with Mister Micawber. Your voice is pleasant to listen to and your pronunciation is very clear. You should be proud of yourself!

If you want to improve your British pronunciation, make sure that the last vowel sound in the word understand sounds more British (you can use a dictionary to find out how it should sound). In British English the word possible is pronounced with the same sound as in the word "lock". The way you pronounced that word sounded rather American to me.

The correct BrE transcription for the words Mister Micawber mentioned is:

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