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I am a newcomer to this forum. I try to record my voice and hope I can receive some comments from native speakers!
Thank you!
How do? I can upload my voice?

Please help me. Thanks so much.
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I always worry about my speaking English ability. Listen and give me some advice, please!
Sorry for this. But I think i didn't succeeded. After saving, it was said that " A tag has been added to your post, this is where your recording will show up" And then, I saw " {audio}#b07{audio}" next to my note. I posted, and what i saw was my note and {audio}#b07{audio}. ••
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Hello,rockstar. Your English is very clear and you have a pleasant Indian accent. If you are looking for suggestions, you might focus on your pronunciation of 'th', which now sounds like [d].
Thank you, I would like to know whether I have Netural Accent.
There are two definitions of neutral accent:

1: A 'neutral accent' can be defined as a way of speaking (tone, intonation etc) where people from any geographical location are able to understand you.-- In this case, yes—you have one.

2. A neutral accent is one that is grammatically correct, but has no regional characteristics. -- In this case,no, you don't have one; you have an IndE accent.
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Thank you, I know and I am working hard on my accent.Emotion: smile
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