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Work hard mainly on the clarity of your pronunciation, for better flow; it's the most important of all.
I posted my recording on p.11 a month ago, but I still haven't got any response...Emotion: sadAnyone reviewed my accent?
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Your vowel sounds are good, thincat, but your ending consonant sounds are sometimes not crisp and clear enough. Work on ending consonant clusters in such words as complex (eks] and just [st ].
Your recording is just static, soheil. Please try again, perhaps with a different microphone or with different settings?
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No problem with my mic.I recorded my pronunciation on my PC using windows sound recorder
Could you please listen and give me some advice?ThanksEmotion: embarrassed
I cannot hear much of the recording, Huong Hoang. Please have it re-recorded, for Mister Micawber to hear.
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Thanks, Epitorial. I know, but my mic is rather bad.Emotion: sweating
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