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English is a complex language, it's just a popular tool that I can use to help others understand me.
If I keep trying and use it as much as possible, I'll do just fine!
EnglishForward is the best site in the world
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Hello, WaqarAli. Sorry,but there seems to be no audio on your recording above.
i dont know why i cant hear my voice ?
ussefasifi dont know why i cant hear my voice ?
Well, I don't know, either. Do you have a carrot in each ear?
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nice to join this community and meet so many awesome people:)
anyway, how is my pronunciation? thx
Hi. I find this site very interesting. I want to enhance my English skills and I think this site would help me a lot.
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Hi ,

how can i record my voice? i would like to have a your opinion about my English pronunciation .

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