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Good. I had no trouble understanding you. Two things: your "p" is a bit soft, and try to make unaccented vowels be schwas instead of pronouncing them as they are spelled.

Hello Guys,
I need to know about my accent and how is my pronunciation,Please do comment on that I would be really gratefull.
ThanksEmotion: smile
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Hello Keenlearner,

Your pronunciation is just fine. The only real hint of your linguisitic background is the extended vowel and swallowed terminal [l] of 'tool' and the mistaken hard [iŋg] that you end 'trying' with: it should (as with all present participles) end in [iŋ] only.

All in all, your English is excellent.
Hello Mister Micawber,
I'm really grateful that you commented on my recording and appreciated my English.I will try to overcome my mistakes next time.Only one thing I'm unable to understand that what is meant by the extended vowel in your comments? Please explain it so I can work on that part as well.Thanks a millionEmotion: smile.
I actually didnt understand what is meant by the extended vowel and swallowed terminal [l] of 'tool' ? Emotion: sad If I wont be able to understand it I couldn't correct my mistakesEmotion: crying, please me in this regard. Thanks
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In 'tool', your vowel sound is too long and your 'l' is unclear.
Thank you so much for explaining it too me , I will try not to repeat my mistakes again.
Can you help me for providing some audio file as I can speak in English without any hesitating. Because I have completed my education in our mother language. So, I have not vest knowledge about English. When I saw the mentioned web site I understand that that is the appropriate web which can help me for learning real English.
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Please help me on my pronunciation.
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