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Hi Ameeth - very clear, easy to understand, two mistakes:

"it's jest a popular tool" -> should be -> it's jUst a popular tool
"use it has much" -> remove the H sound it should be -> "use it as much"
Thank you so much.

I really appreciate your comments. I'll definitely remove them. Looking forward to get more complex exercises like this.

Many Thanks
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@Ameeth V Pai Yeah, this is definitely the way forward.
More interactive, and interesting educational plugins like this will follow!
Please comment on it. I would really like to get improved. Thanks!
@Kit Yan Leung : Very clear, very easy to understand

complex was mumbled.
it's juss -- try to remember to stress the 't' sound at the end, then ease back until it sounds natural -> it's jusT
is THE best -- THE was a little weak.
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Thanks a lot! Your comment is very helpful for me!
Et voilá! Sorry for the cars in the background. ;]

Also, for some reason it sounds like I'm saying Englishfwums. I believe it should sound more like foh-rums, right?
afranticlullabyI believe it should sound more like foh-rums, right?
More like four - rums
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Hmmm that makes sense, yes. Thank you!
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