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Mister MicawberIn that case, your enunciation is very good.
Please, don't take it as an excuse. I'm just looking for an effective way to do my best.
Mister Micawber I don't know what hitchhiker found for you, but if you do a Google search for the topic, I am sure you will find similar materials.
İt was not specially for me. He put a youtube video called 'Vocal Warm-Up: #4 Articulation' on the second page. İt was like diction lessons... İt was showing mouth, tonque etc movements...

I've already found a Youtube channel on British Accent. in order to sound words well and make them crisp, It might be useful for me. Thank you again.

i have never heard of myself before...and it's far from what i imagined
but I really want an honest review of my accent ....i'm looking forward to repling from you
thank you...
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Hello, Tott Tot—and welcome to English Forums.

Your word flow is quite natural and you seem comfortable speaking the language. Your vowel sounds are generally good. You often fail to pronounce the consonantal endings of words clearly ( just, tool, understand, best )— please work on ending your words crisply and distinctly.
thank you so much for your review
EnglishForward is definitely one of best sites in the world ever !!!
I will care more about last letters when i speak !
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Hello, beto. Your recording is a little difficult to evaluate because of the loud feedback, but it seems to me that your vowel sounds are generally accurate. Your ending consonant sounds (like those of many Romance-language speakers) are sometimes too soft and indistinct: try to enunciate them a bit more clearly and strongly.
Mister Micawber,
Thank you so much for your precious evaluation,
I will give my best to do better in the next recording and in
respect to my way of articulating.

I'm new here. Could you please give me feedback on my pronunciation? Please be harsh, I'm studying to be an English teacher so I need to sound really good!

I didn't manage to use the recorder on the website, so I decided to upload my recording on an external site like Youtube instead.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

Here is the link: http://soundcloud.com/englishpractice88/practice11112012
Thank you very much for your help!
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I'm learning to speak with an American accent.
I need help with my pronunciation.
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