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Good heavens, noomaan—I am a native AmE speaker, and you already sound just like one of my neighbors! I think you need worry no more about your pronunciation.
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@Mister Micawber
Thank you. That was encouraging. For the past four years I've been trying to learn the American accent through American media, i.e News, movies etc. but I think there 's still a lot to learn. Could you try and spot the flaws in my accent?
Here 's another audio clip:
Very good option! And it would be better if anyone who wants to answer could comment like subtitle under specific points of the voice. Then both commenting and reviewing were easier. I guess, now, the best option is writing the script of the text we need to check.

Tell me what you think. Thanks.
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And one thing more, It is limited to 30 seconds. I would like to check my speaking like TOEFL speaking section answers. But they are 45 seconds. Would you please increase the limitation?
Can you test my voice, please?
Continue to practice nothing is impossible if you really want to learn. Emotion: smile Keep on speaking and recording yourself so you can really speak English, listen or study Standard American Accent you can find it on youtube, Amy walker I think she's good she has lessons for that and also in this site---pronunciation it takes time to speak this language but with hard work you'll achieve your goal. Happy learning.
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OH!My awful voice.
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