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I have no idea where my first recording is... couldn't find it! So, I recorded again!

Thought I'd give this a shot. What do you guys think of my accent? And can you tell its origin?

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Alexander PhWhat do you guys think of my accent?

I can have no opinion until I hear you speak.

I understand that, but I'm surprised my audio note isn't there. I'm quite sure I've uploaded it. Perhaps it needs to be reviewed by moderators first. I'm not sure.

Okay, I think I have forgotten to save it. Here's another attempt at it:

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I'm very skeptical about my accent, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could leave a comment or give some feedback on that. Thanks in advance! Emotion: smile

I'll have a go before I test this on my students!


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This is my voice (from Vietnam). I hope to get comments from all of you guys !!

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