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jennifertranExperts here, please help assess my voice.

English [ sounds like] Engliss

You need to stop (pause a little) at the full stop.

It’s just [ sounds like] it juss

Keep [ sounds like] kip

Again, English (in Englishforward) sounds like Engliss

Claudia77 ...

Tool [ sounds like] too

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Thank you!!

Let me give it a try..

Hey Johnny, you're on the right track.

I'll get straight to the point:

First, when you say 'English', try to pronounce the 'G' sound more. It should sound like "ing" + "glish". The 'GL' sounds the same as it does in the word 'glue' (the sticky stuff). You've already got the 'L' sound so that's good.

Second, you're missing the 'T' or not quite saying it loud enough in "it's". I know a lot of English learners struggle with this one. It's important to learn how to make this sound because it's everywhere! But the 'ts' sound happens when you start with your tongue where it normally is making 's' sounds except for the front & top part of your tongue closing the space where air normally goes (where the roof of your mouth meets the back of your 2 front teeth) and very lightly trying to exhale while it's closed (building some pressure behind that spot and once you have some pressure, just release it by pronouncing the normal S sound. Go back and forth doing the closed and open 's' tongue position, and once you do it quicker you'll notice you're making the 'ts' sound every time you switch back to the normal 's' sound after having it closed.

Third, when you say "just", try to pronounce the "T" at the end. Pronouncing ST's is easier than doing TS's, in my opinion, because you pronounce the 's' normally and the 't' almost normally. Start with where your tongue is when you begin to make a 't' sound. It's pretty the same area on the front roof of your mouth that you're making the 'ts' sound. Put your tongue up there so that it blocks the pressure of the air (your breath). Making a 't' sound is just forcing air out after you let your tongue down. Similar to making a 'd' sound, but making the movement only with the pressure of your breath (instead of trying to actually vocalize/make sound when you let your tongue relax and let it push out like you would do with the 'd' sound)

Fourth (and last one for now because I spent the past 45 minutes trying to figure out how to explain these hahaha), when you say "tool", pronounce it as one syllable. Just like how you say "cool". You were pronouncing it like, "to + ole".

Fine, one more ... When you say "much", you're pronouncing it like "muss". To make the 'ch' sound, the tip of your tongue will be further back (not by a lot) on the roof of your mouth. You make the sound by forcing the "sh" sound in the exact same way that you make the 'ts' sound, by starting with it closed to block air, then pushing air out and letting your tongue down (still further back in your mouth). Your can figure out where that spot is by continuously making the 's' sound (like you were a snake) and then moving your tongue back until it sounds like 'sh' (try listening to other English speaker's 'SH' sound so you know it's right).

Alright, I wish you the best and really hope you or someone else reads this because I actually spent a lot of time writing this hahaha.

Good luck.

P.S. I had to go to speech therapy when I was younger because my palette (roof of my mouth) was too small and my teeth were messed up which made speaking correctly difficult. The retainer I wore didn't help!

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Thank you so much, teechr!

I will try to improve my pronunciation.

Please tell me if I sound like I'm from Northern Ireland because some people say I have a different accent and some people have said that I sound Chinese in Voice calls before which isn't true. I'm from Northern Ireland. I just have a speech impediment and I want to improve my speech I haven't recorded myself saying that message yet but this is what I think it will sound like

Englis is a complex langwidz tool. It's jost a populu that I can lose to help othu people onderstand me if I keep twing and lose it as moch as possible ill do jost fine englis fowums is the best in the werrrrld (can't really explain how I pronounce world)

sorry for stuttering

Bump I'm still waiting for a response. I just want to get rid of my speech impediment.
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i've sent my voice and im looking forward to hear from you dear teachers

thank you so much

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