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Hello, Redneck, and welcome to English Forums.

Your English is pleasant to listen to, and your vowel sounds are generally quite accurate. What you need to work on is making your hard consonant sounds, especially the terminal ones, more distinct: they are too soft, so they can be confused with other English sounds. For example:

language: [læŋgwidʒ] not [læŋwiʒ]
it's: [ɪtz] not [ɪz]
understand: [ʌndɚstænd] not [ʌnɚstæn]
just: [dʒʌst] not [dʒʌs]
best: [bɛst] not [bɛs]
thank you so much! I will work on my pronuciation
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hello there,

it's is pronounced as /its/ not /itz/

Right! Sorry.
Help me please!

I want to post my pronunciation but I can't. it wrong?
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I hope this recording thing is working;)
Well me too,I have the same problem!
What a pity:(
hi. i'm ha. it's the first time i join here. please, tell me your advices, thank you so much
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Hello, chickenlittle.

You have a pleasant, understandable diction, but you have one problem that I mentioned for another member earlier, and it is common among Asian learners: you do not enunciate final vowel sounds distinctly. In this speech:

English, not en'lish
complex, not comple'
just, not jus'
understand, not unnerstan'
EnglishForward, not Englishforum'

You also need to become more aware of stress rhythms in sentences—for example, pronouns are almost never stressed:

underSTAND me, not unnerstand ME.
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