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You can record your voice here, and we'll tell you what we think. Reply to this post, and click the link 'RECORD YOUR VOICE' above the editor. Then say this:
English is a complex language, it's just a popular tool that I can use to help others understand me.
If I keep trying and use it as much as possible, I'll do just fine!
EnglishForward is the best site in the world

Don't be afraid; language is only a tool to communicate thought. The requirement is that you be understood by your target audience. If you're doing that, you're doing fine!

Exotic accents are welcome, take your time and good luck!
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That's nice! Also I'd like to hear some admins' voice!
Right, I've done it Nugso - now it's your turn Emotion: smile

Ended it sounding a bit Jeremy Clarkson-esque - it felt good.

Mister Micawber - How about it?
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I'm too shy and bad at speaking, nevertheless I gave it a try!

By the way, both my sound and pronunciation are so damn bad! Emotion: tongue tied
The first bit was a bit hard to understand, maybe due to the audio / mic position and perhaps you stumbled over the words a bit. The second half was great - Most listeners could easily understand you. PASSEmotion: smile

OK there it is now - (guess who forgot to click on 'save' after recording?) Emotion: big smile
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Okay, after having a bad performance, I tried to record 2 more times. I hope this time it's better. Emotion: embarrassed

Teachers ...Pls provide me a comment on my language

Thank you
@Nugso - the second one is great but you seem to have trouble with the word 'understand'.

You said 'unstand' -- it should be 'un-DER-stand'
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