Spoiler. I'm intrigued with Julie Kagawa's books, especially her vampire series Immortal Rules. The book starts off with a terrific hook. They hung the Unregistereds in the old warehouse district; it was a public execution, so everyone went to see. Right away, she hooked me with that line. All the characters are well developed. Immortal Rules' main character is a tough, no-nonsense orphan girl. Allie looks after number one, and yet she's willing to sacrifice her life for her friends. The book's filled with tension, starting from the first page. The vampires and the Rabids are the enemies until Allie herself becomes the dreaded vampire, and her problems mount. She must still scavenge for food. Only now the humans are her food source. I love the way the author makes the character Allie into a likeable person who must do something despicable. The tension heats up as she must fight both races. Through it all, Allie keeps her humanity. Even when her friend Rat betrays her, she keeps her humanity. Kagawa shows both the monster and the human side of Allie. I could almost feel the main character pain when she is rejected by a band of humans, and I wanted to cheer for her as she fought the Rabids to save the same group of humans. Kagawa crafted a beautiful love story between Allie and Zeke. The Immortal Rules has plenty of actions, suspense, horror, humor, mystery and romance. I gave this book an A.
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