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Film review of “Shakespeare in Love”

The plot takes place in London in the 1590’s. William Shakespeare has promised to write a new play, but has problems getting started. However he soon finds his muse – the theatre-interested Viola de Lesseps, a woman from a fine family. Their relationship is built up at the same time as Shakespeare is working on a production of his new play “Romeo and Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter”. Women are not allowed as actors at that time, Viola is nevertheless playing Romeo, diguised as Thomas Kent. When this eventually is revealed, the theatre is shut down, but the actors are lucky to be allowed to play in another theatre – without Viola. She is forced to marry Lord Wessex, and finds out about the production just after her wedding. Having hurried to the theatre, Viola is lucky enough to take over as Juliet, with Shakespeare acting Romeo.
Though most of what happens in the film is not true, it is connected to what we know about Shakespeare’s life and the age in which he lived. Much of this knowledge is gained through reading Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. In the film there are also other actual poets well known at the time, and they help us understand the factor of reality in it. We also take part in the process of making “Romeo and Juliet”, the writing process and the practice on-stage are closely connected. All the actual incidents put into a new context is an important factor in making the film what it is. An example is the little boy who unveiled Thomas Kent’s real identity, his name was Webster and he later became a well-known playwright. Towards the end of the film we also get an insight in his next play, “Twelfth Night” and its origin.
This together with the love-story with Shakespeare and Viola de Lesseps, and all the intrigues, makes the film funny and entertaining. The fact that there are obvious similarities between Shakespeare and Viola’s relationship and that between Romeo and Juliet, links the movie.
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