1.'' I think I'll take the brown pair'' said the customer.
(decide) - The customer decided to take the brown pair.
(decide)+(will) - The customer decided that he would take the brown pair.
(say)+(will) - The customer said that he will take the brown pair.
2."Me?No, I didn't take Sue's calculator." said Bob.
(deny) - Bob denied taking the Sue's calculator.
(deny) - ???
3. ''Don't forget to buy some milk,Andy" said Clare.
(remind) - Clare reminded Andy to buy some milk.
(say)+(should) - Clare said to Andy that he should buy some milk.
(remind)+(need) - Clare reminded Andy that She needs some milk.
4. "I'm sorry I couldn't come on Saturday" said David.
(say)+(could) - David said that he couldn't come on Saturday.
(say)+(be able to ) - David said that he is not able to come on Satruday.
(apologise for) - David apologise for not coming on Saturday.
5."why don't you go back to Singapore,Brian" I said.
(ask)+(do) - I asked Brian why didn't he go back to Singapore.
(suggest)+(should) - I suggested to Brian that he should go back to Singapore.
(suggest) - I suggested going back to Singapore to Brian.
6."Make sure you don't take the A20,Tim" said Jack.
(say)+(should) - Jack said to Tim that he shouldn't take A20.
(warn) - Jack warned Tim not to take A20.
(warn) - ????

Is it correct or not ?
1-- one of your three sentences is incorrect (for this purpose)
2-- Isn't it '(say )'?
3-- I think 'that he needed to buy some milk'.
4-- 'he was sorry that he was not /had not been able'. 'Apologized for not being able to'
5-- 'why he didn't'. 'I suggested that Brian go back'
6-- 'Jack said that Tim shouldn't'. ?- me too.
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1.The customer said that he would take the brown pair.

This was the mistake in the first sentence or I am wrong ?
That's right, Max.
thank you very muchEmotion: smile
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