Smoke filled the air
-> The room..... (Passive voice)

How many luggage did you carry on your trip?
-> ......(Good English)

By d way, whats "good English"? is there also "bad English"?
I wish you would try yourself first; these are not difficult.

'Good English' means good grammar. In the case of your second sentence, the word 'luggage' should be recognized as an uncountable noun.

And if you do not learn how to spell simple words like 'the', you will not have much chance of improving your written English.
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Think about whether it will be cheaper to buy new furniture in Spain, rather than pay for large items to be moved.

must involve all midwives at all levels. However, midwives do not work in isolation and cannot fulfill the function of clinical leadership without its integration with the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams. This indicates the significant and dynamic of team building.

Hatshepsut successfully commissioned many building projects in both Upper and Lower Egypt. Many of these buildings are thought to be grander and more complex than those built by her predecessors. On of the monument was the temple at Deir-el-Bahri. The temple itself is a testament to the accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut. Although construction of the shrine began during the reign of her father, it was the female pharaoh who actually finished it.

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The messenger has his own schedule of going to Angeles.

It is imperative to have viable correspondence in creating constructive associations with youngsters, youngsters and grown-ups. Having great relational abilities will assist all of us with growing a superior association with others.

With a specific end goal to manufacture a positive relationship having great correspondences aptitudes is vital. Youngsters may need certainty along these lines having a positive and more delicate approach could help them to open up to us and to talk more.

The kinetic energy of water molecules increased when they absorbed microwave energy and the extent of their vibration increased accordingly. The increased vibration increased the internal friction and the kinetic energy converted into the thermal energy which ultimately caused faster evaporation of water molecules. The coupled heat and mass transfer processes within the sample are rapid during the microwave heating because heat is generated within the sample

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It is now more than ever apparent that at the same time we are destroying our bodies.

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