It is my rewritten essay for task 2 in IELTS. I hope it will be fewer mistakes and its structures and ideas are ok

Cambridge 15: writing IELTS task 2

Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Advertisement nowadays has played a crucial role in the world of marketing. We can see that it has been increasing significantly on the scale of the world through social network platforms. I would argue that advertising has succeeded in persuading us to buy items. However, advertising is so prevalent that people pay less attention to it.

Some strong evidence to say that advertisements could act as a strong persuasion device to seemingly hypnotize people into shopping. Many companies design lots of tactics like giving sales on special occasions or hiring many famous artists to cooperate with them as their representatives. The majority of their aims is to impact on customers more easily and make productive selling. Moreover, some companies make unethical or disreputable strategies to advertise new products. Their ads are designed to brainwash people, convincing them that if they use their products, they will be happy or successful, or some will fall in love with them. For instance, promoting sales with a discount of 50% in time for Valentine's Day and advertise lots of beauty products that will help your skin better in just a short time. The prevalence of such an approach always pushes items to be sold out in just one day and it works quite effectively to attract many customers.

Nevertheless, there is another point of view that people pay less attention to advertisements. The advert should understand the demand of customers what items they adore or hate. In contrast, some companies only care about how to put their advertising on the front pages of websites. A conducted survey shows that most people really get annoyed that so much advertising comes on in the middle of their favorite movies Furthermore, lots of advertising are so repetitive and not creative. In this way, advertising becomes counterproductive because of the brand or product, instead of being associated with delicious and beautiful, just evoke anger and disgust.

In conclusion, people still buy items after they see an advertisement for them. In my view, with the breakout of social media such as Facebook or Instagram, advertising will take advantage of them to interact with customers more closely.


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