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Does anyone know what's the definition of "rhino horn" or what does it exactly mean?

I have googled it, but I haven't got a satisfactory answer.

Now I know that it is a military parts, functioned on the Roll-on/Roll-off ship and often with the ramp.

Does anyone can help me? Thanks.
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Grammar, thank you. I think it is what I want.

"Yee haw! I found it. No, of course it has has nothing to do with real rhinos. I speculate that it's called that because of its shape, but I couldn't really see it in the picture. It's what allows you to "hook together" the two parts."

It already gives me a exact description about it although without a clear picture.

Sloping notch, inner. Rhino horn, outer. I think that these two are often used together.

Thank you again.
I know that it is not a bone, but rather tightly wound hair. I found that out while taking my kids to the zoo. Good luck. Maybe try looking up rhinoceros horn. Or just rhinoceros. I'm trying to find out what to call multiple rhinoceros, but no luck there either.
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