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The Moon my "S" ! It makes no sense , cause that´s exactly what the director wanted . Otherwise the character Kevin wouldn´t say "WTF" ? .. That simple .. And sue makes way more sense than the moon ! Moron !

I thought it might be the moon but the moon has 8 phases not 9 and glass eyes? No idea.... Anyone?

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It is the moon..the moon does have 9 faces of you count eclipse...the glass eye thing refers to its look 1 big eye...and the last part is it is everywhere and no where cause you dont see it during the day but it's still on the other side of the world

lol It's not the moon. The faces/phases point you made was clever, as is the everywhere and nowhere explanation I saw on here...but the eyes are glass theory is a pretty big stretch. I've never heard the moon described as a big eye, that's ridiculous. If anything, you hear only about the "man in the moon", the face...which has two eyes. Not one. As well, there's no tying the line about a voice to the moon. The truth is, the writer created that riddle to be over the top and unsolvable merely as another joke. IF there is an answer, it ain't the moon. I'd wager in that scenario it'd be something like a watch or the like, with an alarm or chime that "sings but has no voice".
Hellen Keller’s baseball team
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The eclipse isn't an additional phase of the moon because a lunar eclipse can only take place during a full moon and a solar eclipse only during a new moon. Those are already part of the 8 phases.

I was thinking it could be a satellite dish.

Is it a lighthouse?

Eyes is the top

Sings to the sky

Building looks old during day, not at night

Just not sure why 9 faces

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